Rhodes stories

Autumn in Rhodes. Light, delicate and airy wedding of Maria and Charlie:)

 It's just a little story in the pictures of a cute, cozy and airy wedding guys.

 "I have never had a professional photo shoot, and when it came to this action at my own wedding — it was a stumbling block BEFORE meeting with Denis. It would seem that so many good photographers, but suitable — units! I would like to note the flexibility of the guys in relation to their movements abroad — the issue was resolved a week before the wedding, given the very, very long distances. Cheerfulness is the first impression starting with a phone call to the joint work and the actual a friendly relationship after. Fearlessness — all for the sake of a beautiful photo! Ingenuity and creativity — in any situation I received very good advice and ideas! And of course the result is incomparable! Even more good can be said about these wonderful people, but I think to stop in choosing a photographer you will be enough of the above, and then you will experience the grace of working with these people:) P. S waiting for continued cooperation!"